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Zeusophobia is the fear of god or gods. The term is derived from Zeus, the highest of the Greek gods. It is not the same as theophobia, the fear of religions. This phobia is marked by extreme fear of things associated with a god including but not limited to religious books like the Bible, temples and churches, and holy symbols like crosses. Those with the phobia generally avoid these things and may have a panic attack upon encountering or thinking about them. They may also worry about the uncertainty of events or outcomes, since they are believed to be determined by gods. Zeusophobia is usually caused by some influence of “God” within the person’s life by means of the media, cinema, childhood experiences, family experiences, dreams, books, news events, etc. Some of the common psychological processes associated with zeusophobia include catastrophising, ignoring the positive, exaggerating, over generalizing, looking for disaster, thinking in all or nothing terms.

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