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Spacephobia , also cosmophobia or astrophobia, is the fear of outer space. People may fear outer space due to unpleasant feeling of weightlessness, emptiness or darkness in space, or another reason associated with this, like wear a spacesuit may cause them to feel as if they are suffocating, or being afraid to lose oneself in space. Individuals fearing air travel (pteromerhanophobia) can often fear the outer space too.

Spacephobes may not like to watch movies or documentaries about space travel or astronomical events. Other symptoms may include air hunger, elevated heart rate, trembling, panic attacks, dizziness, feeling as if you are overwhelmed, sweating and fainting. Spacephobes are not likely to be a science fiction fan because a substantial amount of sci-fi deals with space travel and outer space.

An individual can overcome this phobia by seeing a therapist who'll tell them that the individual may never go into outer space anytime soon, on top with few different treating options, such as through counseling or psychotherapy.

Space phobias
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