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    Not to be confused with Serenephobia, fear of mermaids

Serenophobia (from Latin word sereno, meaning fair weather) is the fear of fair weather. This phobia is associated with heliophobia, fear of the sun, since fair weather means plentiful sunshine. People who suffer painful sunburn or got skin cancer caused by exposure to the sun can lead to heliophobia and therefore serenophobia. Other reported triggers of serenophobia are uncomforting brightness of the day, bad experiences of working or playing outside under fair weather conditions, and even fear of the color blue (cyanophobia) since clear daytime skies are blue. Unlike many other phobias, which are most commonly suffered by young children, serenophobia is little more commonly suffered by adults. Most sufferers would not mind the fair weather at night as long as they're not afraid of the moon and stars. During the day though, serenophobes would like the weather to be overcast and are far from minding whether it rains.

Serenophobes would most commonly like rain as their favorite weather condition, but they would hate fair weather while many would dislike thunderstorms and/or snow. The reason for the favorite weather for serenophobes is because rain is falling drops of water that may get people wet, therefore preventing them from venturing outdoors, but not so scary and dangerous like thunder and lightning.

Exposure to fair weather conditions may result in variety of symptoms, including trembling, nausea, dry mouth, loss of appetite, fatigue, depression, fainting, and loss of control. Methods used to treat serenophobia include cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, and exposure therapy. Moving to a cloudy or rainy climate may offer some relief, but it would be better to treat it and stay in the area.

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