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Selachophobia (from selachos, Greek for "cartilaginous fish") or galeophobia (from galeos, Greek for "dogfish, small shark") is the fear of sharks. People fearing sharks will shun waters where sharks swim, and they will be terrified by media reports of shark attacks. Selachophobes will avoid watching documentaries or films that feature sharks. They will stay away from any locales where sharks are present, including some beaches, and even aquariums where sharks are displayed.

Common causes of this phobia include hearing reports of somebody gotten attacked by a shark or even watching films about sharks attacking people, such as the most famous shark film Jaws. People watching Sharknado may give them fears that sharks could rain from the sky and attack people.

The sight of a shark, even on television or in a theater, will evoke great consternation and terror. People with this phobia will suffer from rapid heartbeat, nervousness, mental anguish, and even dizziness as they struggle with their fears.

Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy will readily ease the galeophobia. Cognitive therapy shall be used to get into the heart of a person’s responses and the real reasons why sharks trigger terror in their psyche.