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Rhodophobia (from the Greek rhodos meaning rose, a shade of pink) is fear of the color pink, a branch of chromophobia, fear of colors. Pink is a common color to fear because pink is one of the most hated colors, especially by men. This fear is often associated with or stem from the fear of girls. Rhodophobia is often caused by bad experiences involving the color pink, like getting injured by a girl wearing a pink shirt. They would go great lengths at avoiding pink stuff, otherwise they would feel anxious or panic. Symptoms of rhodophobia include heart palpations, breathlessness, nausea, dizziness, and dry mouth. Methods used to treat rhodophobia include behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, exposure therapy, and psychotherapy with hypnotherapy being the most effective option.

Even though phobias are more commonly suffered by women overall, rhodophobia is more commonly suffered by men than by women.

Sufferers can still eat anything apart from pink candies like normal cotton candy. If they eat healthy, they'll be fine.

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