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Poképhobia is the fear of Pokémon. This can be explained by many of the Pokemon's scary appearance that can scare everyone. Some of these can be Lycanroc, Gengar, Parasect, Darkrai, and Cofagrigus. Other ways that these creatures are feared are by the way they fight in the anime, which is kind of controversial. One last way is the in-game explanations for some Pokemon. Some examples are:

- Lycanroc berserk when it's fur dirty or during battle

- Drifloon kidnapping children

-Banette, a doll that was abandoned and now haunts the child that left it.

-Yveltal killing every living thing when it dies.

-Gorebyss piercing its enemys with its long pointy mouth and sucking out all of their bodily fluids.

These are just some of many creepy ways that the Pokemon franchise in feared.