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Pneumatiphobia (from Greek word pneúma, meaning "spirit") is the fear of spirits. This phobia is usually result of hearing some reports of spirits haunting their residence or even encountering them. Sufferers may avoid places where they believe spirits live or they may avoid dark areas or places where others have reported to see spirits. Emotional and physiological symptoms of pneumatiphobia include elevated or irregular heartbeat, air hunger, trembling, a sense of paranoia, anxiety or panic attack, nausea, and sweating.

This fear can get to the point where individuals begin to see things that may not be there. Their minds may create apparitions that are only in the minds of the pneumatiphobe. A therapist can help a pneumatiphobe come to terms with the source of the fear as being something that has not proven harmful and while it is misunderstood it may not require a fearful response.

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