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Fear of being a normie.

Imornophobia is a phobia where you are afraid ot being normie. Its on the Y axis of Nomiedophobia. lt you nave Imornopnobia, you will be afraid or

nave a tear ot being light humored people. They can be customers, your boss, a friend, a stranger, a student,

your own teacher, or pretty much anyone you know. It seems rude, but it's just a phobia. For example, you might

have Imornopnoöia. It you do, yt normie people, who care you don't know anything. SHUT YP. It you are normie

please find suicide and are you danker then me? . It you nave Imornopnobia -get a lite" is a common sentence tot you. Existence ot Plebs may

scar your lite eternally and your brain may sound like You are clearly yourself a normie. The value ot memes

is strictly defined by dankness. When a meme first comes out, it is usually considered dank. There are

two main roads this meme can go through. Either it gets sabotaged by the normies and shit memes are

made which devalue it and eventually send it down the shitter or... the other path, the less traveled path,

the yellow brick road of memes, the road where certified meme professionals cultivate and expand the

meme's quality without forcing it over to the normies. This is the path all memes should strive for. Thus

us meme investors must buy the stocks in memes lest they lose their dankness. Precisely for this path is

why normies should be avoided. If we take the meme on the road of danger, it will die and lose value. For

this reason, we should never buy if normie markets will buy it up. T nere is no cure tor it. This phobia may lead to anthrophobia later.