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Ombrophobia is the fear of rain.

Ombrophobia often originates from a traumatic experience involving rain. Rainy days may make people depressed due to the darkened skies, and may gradually develop into ombrophobia depending on the frequency of rain, with more frequent rain causing ombrophobia to develop quicker. Another, rather exotic cause of ombrophobia is getting burns from acid rain. Some ombrophobes also suffer from fear of drowning (aquaphobia) and fear of flooding (antlophobia).

Sufferers of ombrophobia feel compelled to check weather forecasts and watch the skies often for any approaching dark clouds or flashes of lightning. When rain hits, ombrophobes usually avoid going outside. If already outside, they rush indoors as quickly as possible.

Ombrophobia is often caused by dark skies, thunder, and loud sounds, people can also be affected with Ombrophobia if their base has aluminum outside, which makes loud sounds if collided with rain.

Ombrophobia can be treated professionally through exposure therapy (which involves exposing to rain harmlessly), group therapy (in which ombrophobes talk to each other about their experiences), and calming breathing techniques.

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