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Nivisphobia (from Latin nivis, "avalanche") is the irrational fear of avalanches. It is considered the branch of chionophobia, fear of snow since avalanche is the mass of snow sliding down the slopes. Virtually the fear is only suffered for those who live near the mountains or those who vacation near the mountains where avalanches could occur. The fear is often triggered when the person or a companion got hit by an avalanche and got buried in snow. Getting buried in snow is serious because of limited air in small pocket and a person may soon die after running out of air. Getting hit by an avalanche can also cause injury such as twisted ankle and back injury. Sufferers would not go on a snow-covered mountain such as skiing, nor even going to shadow of that mountain. People who live on the mountain topped with snow or right in front of it would move away if they suffer nivisphobia.

Sufferers may have symptoms including trembling, rapid heartbeat, air hunger, loss of control, and difficulty of thinking other than avalanches hitting them. Treatment options include cognitive-behavioral therapy and medication.

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