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Neophobia or Cainophobia (from Greek neos, "new") is the fear of anything new. Sufferers are reluctant to try new things or break from routine. Mild manifestations are often present in young children (who want the small portion of the world that they "know" to remain constant) and elderly people (who often cope using long established habits and don't want to learn new tricks). But neophobia could also be fear of losing what one has — e.g., the fear that if anything changes, one might never be happy again.

Sufferers may panic when seeing or even trying out any new things, like introducing new foods by young children, which is a vital concern in pediatric psychology. Panic has a wide variety of symptoms, including fear of latest things, nauseas, trembling, and anxiety. There are several different methods to treat neophobia, such as medications, psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and exposure therapy.