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Muxiphobia is the fear of the planet Jupiter.


Muxiphobia was named sometime in 1610 when we first discovered it. When we did first discover it, some people were disturbed by the way the tempest moves. Jupiter is the 5th planet of the Solar System, it is the biggest planet too, and the most massive object in the Solar System expect the Sun (of which may be one of the causes of the phobia)

Jupiter gravity is 2 times more powerful and it's magnetic field can reach Saturn's orbit. Jupiter's 4 moons are classified as Galilean Moons. Jupiter's largest moon is Ganymede. Ganymede is bigger than both mercury and pluto. There have been theories that Jupiter and Saturn will collide, but is hasn't been confirmed.

We can see storms in Jupiter atmosphere. These storms can collide making one big storm. Only in those white storms we can see lightning, lightning on Jupiter is more powerful than those on Earth.

Largest storm in Solar System is Jupiter's Great Red Spot. That storm is 3 Earths wide.

We see that storm on Jupiter for hundred years, but Jupiter' s big red spot is slowly dying down.

Jupiter Great Red Spot has been shrinking for hundreds of years and we don't know future of that spot.

Pressure on Jupiter can reach 1 million bars when close to Jupiter's core. Jupiter's gravity is so strong


Jupiter's mass is 2.5 times larger than all planets combined. It is so massive that it causes the center of Solar System is shifting above Sun's surface.

This planet is 11 times the diameter of the Earth, but it is much less dense. The volume of Jupiter is 1321 times the volume of the Earth, and its mass is 318 times the mass of the Earth. Jupiter has a radius of 0.1 solar radius. If you tried to jump on Jupiter, you would only be in air for a fraction of a second, or 1.6 feet tall.

Magnetic Field

Jupiter's magnetic field is over 14 times more powerful than Earth's magnetic field and it's strongest natural magnetic field in the Solar System expect Sun's spots.

Jupiter's magnetic field is believed to be produced by edgy currents - the turbulence of the flow of conductive materials - inside a metallic hydrogen mantle. The field, which forms a vast magnetosphere outside the planet, traps the ionized particles of the solar wind. Electrons from the plasma trapped in the magnetosphere (compare with the Van Allen belts) ionize the sulfur dioxide supplied by volcanic activity on the moon Io, forming a torus-shaped cloud around the planet. Hydrogen molecules from Jupiter's atmosphere are also trapped in the magnetosphere. Electrons in the magnetosphere generate radio noise in the range of 0.6-30 MHz

Some other causes may include:

  1. The Great Red Spot or other small look-alikes.
  2. The changing tempest, seeing it moving may be traumatizing to some (like seeing a spider being an arachnophobe)
  3. Claims of Earth hitting Jupiter
  4. It's powerful gravity, Jupiter's gravity is over 2 times more powerful than Earth's
  5. Thinking there are lifeforms
  6. Thinking what's inside the planet after the clouds
  7. The theories of it destroying other planets in the past (Jupiter can destroy other planets because it's big enough)