Meteorophobia is the fear of meteors. The fear is almost always triggered after learning about the meteors and their potential devastating affects of hitting the Earth. Sufferers of meteorophobia would constantly keep an eye on the sky while not be in the building, while more severe sufferers would want to go deep underground that may offer some protection from meteorite strikes if they couldn't get out of the way. The thing sufferers fear a lot more is the fear of big asteroid impact. Those sufferers would want to leave Earth into orbit, but access to space is denied unless if they develop to be an astronaut.

Symptoms of meteorophobia include nausea, sweating, rapid heartbeat, obsessive thoughts, and an intense urge to flee. Treatment of meteorophobia would require some intensive effort and may take a while to treat. The quickest and easiest method to treat meteorophobia is medications. Another effective method is talk therapy or support groups that involve discussions about meteors and the rarity of big ones hitting the Earth.

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