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Melissophobia (from Greek melisso, "bee"), melissaphobia, or apiphobia (from Latin api, "honey bee"), is the fear of Honey bee or of getting stinger by a bee. The fear is commonly triggered after getting stung by a bee, or after learning that getting stung by a bee could result in serious effects, like developing anaphylaxis. Many melissophobes fear "killer bees" most intensely than any other bee. Sufferers getting stung by a bee may likely result in panic attacks.

Some melissophobes would destroy wild bee colonies, contributing to environmental damage and may also be the cause of the disappearing bees, making it hard to find where to pollinate crops.

Melissophobes, especially young children, would refuse to go outdoors when bees are present. Sufferers would ask somebody to drop off and pick up from school instead of walking to and from bus stop then waiting for bus.

Exposure therapy is the most recommended method for treating melissophobia. This involves placing themselves in a comfortable open environment, such as a park or garden, and, gradually, over a prolonged period of time, move closer to the bees. This process should not be rushed, as it may take many months spent watching bees before people feel comfortable in their presence.