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Mageirocophobia is the fear of cooking. Since cooking are mainly an adult thing, mageirocophobia is mostly suffered by grown-ups. It is typically caused by unpleasant experience with cooking, like getting burned, cut, or making bad cooking error that results in foods not tasting right. Even though most people don't take cooking classes in school, a large portion (maybe approximately half) of mageirocophobia cases originate from cooking class. It is not just about cooking foods in the class that lead to mageirocophobia, but also getting penalized by a teacher for not exactly following the recipes.

Sufferers would avoid cooking, even though they have to, while some, more severe sufferers may not even want other people to cook in the place where sufferer is. Instead, they would only eat snacks while occasionally going out to restaurants, often resulting in unhealthy diets which then lead to hypertension, obesity, and diabetes.

Symptoms of cooking phobia include light-headedness, nervousness, and sense of doom. It is treated using education as the first step. If education doesn't work, psychotherapy would be the next and more effective step.