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TW: Sex, Kyle Anderson

An artist description of Kyle Anderson

The fear of being scared of being near, touching, and interacting with Kyle Anderson.


Kyleandersonphobia/Phobia of Kyle Anderson is a contagious phobia that causes mass hysteria in a town or city. It spreads by the fear of Kyle Anderson a freshmen currently. It's not known how it spreads but a theory how it spreads is by having unprotected sex. The sperm cells were so shook by Kyle Anderson that it shows the fear to the white blood cells which scare them and then both of the couple are terrified of Kyle Anderson. Who is Kyle Anderson is sort of a mystery he has blonde hair that's what we basically know. An artist saw Kyle Anderson and didn't caught Kyleandersonphobia was forced to draw what he looked like. Artist was terminated after drawing


Some causes are being scared of Kyle Anderson, interacting with Kyle Anderson, having sex with Kyle Anderson, having sex with someone that has Kyleandersonphobia, and making fun of someone for being short.


• Fear of Kyle Anderson

• Frequent vomiting

•UTI infection

• Intense screaming

• Liquid poop

• Gay people start to touch you

A son with Kyleandersonphobia


•Run if you see Kyle Anderson (Best one)

•Don't touch Kyle Anderson

•Don't have sex with Kyle Anderson or someone with Kyleandersonphobia

Kyle Ed

If you're in a scenario where you spot a Kyle Anderson. You must act calm and walk as fast as possible calmly. If you run fast Kyle Anderson will spot you. If he spots you run as fast you can. Throw stuff at him block his pathway to stop him coming to you. If you're far away then you escaped him. If you're in a scenario where there is only one exit you have to remember your clothes aren't human skin and clothes on human contact actually doesn't give you Kyleandersonphobia. Ok but what if you don't have clothes then use a long rage weapon to stop him coming to you. Hope this helps you in a Kyle Anderson scenario.


There is currently no cure found for Kyleandersonphobia. It is the only phobia that is directly leads to stage 7 cancer.

• If you're showing symptoms stay calm so it can't spread. Relax and go to a doctor to get a diagnosis. If the diagnosis comes out as positive for Kyleandersonphobia you have to get chemotherapy to stop the stage 7 cancer (has a 45% chance of working).

Reported Cases

On May 1st, 1951, Scientists found out that Kyleandersonphobia originated in Canada. The specific location is still unknown. Since then, many people have reported kyleandersonphobia in other areas. Here are the countries with active cases.

Canada (originated)

United States - Wyoming, Flordia, Alabama,



Democratic Republic of the Congo

all of Africa







The north region of Vietnam

Russia - Balashikha



The first recorded case of Kyleandersonphobia was discovered on August 7th, 1775 Canada, when a man by the name of Jerry Smith Fritzamire was found on the ground having a nervous breakdown when shown a photo of "Kyle Anderson."

• On July 1st, 1779, a woman by the name of Julia Guark contracted Kyleandersonphobia and started the deadly pandemic "Kyle79." It infected all of the population of Greenland and was quarantined until December 23rd 1779.

•In 1840 several workers died in a factory from an intense stage of cancer. Professors in 2009 later diagnosis it as Kyleandersonphobia

•In 1902 the US invented the Kyle Anderson police to stop Kyleandersonphobia. It failed to stop Kyle Anderson but weirdly everyone forgot about this.

•In 8/9/1930 in Alabama local kids made myths about Kyle Anderson. It spread like wildfire around the world.

•In 2/27/1931 an unknown author published a book about Kyleandersonphobia called "Kyle Anderson".

•In 3/4/1931 the unknown author vanished and the Kyle Anderson books were banned and burned.

•In 6/19/1950 a cult was found in Alabama with a Kyle Anderson book in their hands.

•In 6/25/1950 A cult placed Kyleandersonphobia propaganda everywhere around the world to warn people about it. The United nations hated that propaganda

•In 6/30/1950 scientists started to research about Kyleandersonphobia in Texas. They tested it with live test subjects.

•In 1960 scientists pushed the US government to do something about Kyleandersonphobia. They did nothing.

•In 2/5/1961 A team of 5 researchers called the EECV went all around the world to find where Kyleandersonphobia happen and any information.

•In 3/6/1961 the EECV figured out Kyleandersonphobia started in Canada

•In 4/23/1961 the EECV saw that France has a lot of Symptoms of Kyleandersonphobia

•In 8/12/1961 a researcher died in the woods of Russia.

•In 6/2/1962 a researcher died by Kyleandersonphobia in Canada

•In 10/8/1962 the EECV asked college students help them research for Kyleandersonphobia.

•In 10/9/1962 while going to France the plane crashed into the water killing 287/4000 researchers.

•In 1/1/1963 researchers started to point fingers to each other on who broke the plane.

•In 2/7/1963 the EECV disbanded for a little break from the stress.

•In 2/12/1963 A researcher died via stroke.

•In 6/22/1964 The group came back

•In 7/19/1965 the EECV decided to go Africa for research

•In 7/22/1965 researchers found that Africa has a large amount of Kylerandersonphobia per person.

•In 9/8/1966 a prototype Kyle Ed was made for a small group of schools in Germany.

•In 5/3/1970 a researcher was murdered making it only one original member left.

•5/5/1970 A group of EECV members killed the last original member.

•In 10/5/1972 researchers found Kyle Anderson merch in Asia.

Kyle Anderson the basketball player

•1975 United nations says that there was no Kyleandersonphobia

•In 1978 EECV stopped the Kyle Anderson tour because of United Nations threatened them.

•In 9/20/1993 Kyle Anderson (the basketball player) was born.

• On October 31st, 1998, an unknown victim was infected with Kyleandersonphobia. He was last seen on the same day at 9:32pm CST in Disney World. People propose that he was kidnapped by the government.

•In 1999 Kyleandersonphobia cases rises

•In 2002 Kyle Anderson was reported to the police at the Golden State Bridge. People who thought Kyle was going to jump off caught Kyleandersonphobia.

•In 4/6/2005 two gay people had anal sex and both of them had Kyleandersonphobia. Later the government tested lesbians with vaginal sex and both of them both had Kyleandersonphobia. Conclusion after the test. It could be spread with anal and vaginal sex.

•In 4/10/2005 the government realize it was an issue.

•In 9/2/2005 schools started to talk about Kyleandersonphobia started Kyle Ed to help prevent Kylerandersonphobia in the students.

• Kyle Anderson was born somewhere in 2006.

•Kyle Anderson protesters started rioting in 4/5/2010 because they thought it was fake.

•In 2011 scientist found out that 100% of the population of people in Democratic Republic of the Congo has Kyleandersonphobia.

• Kyle Anderson was seen in 5/1/2022 near a school in America.

• Kyle Anderson was found in May 30th 2022 near a house he robbed. Kyle Anderson escaped in the basement of the house.

•It is widely debated if the United States government officials "captured him" or if he is still alive. Many people say he is living in Wyoming.


Kyle Anderson how proven us and himself that he has super powers. The powers listed below is the known Kyle Anderson powers we know.

•Time travel

•Super speed


•Gay touch


Kyleandersonphobia is also classified as a virus(STD).

• Kyle Anderson was born somewhere in 2006

•It was theorize that Kyle Anderson was a time travel as the first case of Kyleandersonphobia was in 1775.

•Kyle Anderson is a freshmen

•It is highly believed that Kyle Anderson rigged the 2016 U.S electons.

•Kyle Anderson was actually going to be a legendary card in Clash Royale but eventually scrapped for being too strong

•There is a wiki for Kyle Anderson himself here