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Kastanophobia (from Greek kastanos, meaning brown) is fear of the brown color, a branch of chromophobia, fear of colors. This is a common color fear as some of the representations of brown includes disgust. This fear has a variety of triggers, like being attacked by a brown-furred animal, or even by simply eating and/or smelling their own feces. Because brown is abundant, for sufferers would be difficult to avoid seeing brown, but sufferers may not panic when seeing pleasant things like wood but would panic when excreting feces or walking on mud. Mild sufferers would simply avoid consuming brown-colored cuisines like coffee, chocolate, meat, beans, etc.

People who suffer from this phobia might not be racist, especially since race is not just a color of skin, but that does not take away the possibility that there are racist or colorist people who suffer from this phobia, even though Kastanophonia, racism and colorism are similar, they are 3 different things that should not be confused with each other.

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