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Cornguy ulrta

"Come down today, and try some corn, or we will sacrifice your newborn!"

Kalampokiphobia is the fear of having a hole in your brain. (obviously)

Trivia (General)[]

  • Kalampokiphobia is also a game on ROBLOX with the general farm aspect, taking place in a corn maze.
  • Slimecicle's corn video may trigger Kalampokiphobia.
Beijing corn

"Emotional Damage!"

People with this phobia avoid "Beijing corn".

  • This is (unsurprisingly) the most popular phobia wiki article.
    • This is probably due to an Dave and Bambi fantrack with this fear for the song name.
  • It is (unsurprisingly) one of the most edited files.
  • People with this phobia avoid listening to the corn song due to it being related with corn.
Creepy corn

The corn janitor, He removes any text or images relating to a specific farmer that has raided this page alot. (This image doesn't count.)