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Kakologophobia (from Greek words kakos meaning "bad", and logos meaning "word"), sometimes known as deprecophobia (used interchangeably with the fear of curse) is the fear of swear words, including using it, reading it, thinking about it or hearing it.

It is a branch of logophobia, the fear of any word. Sufferers of this phobia would avoid using swear words like what some people would already do, as well as preferring (usually not a high tolerance) not hearing somebody using it.

Those people would avoid getting in the vicinity of other people as they're afraid for someone to swear in front of them. Sufferers may panic when hearing swear words, flee when near it, develop nervous tics, or cover ears when further away.

If you do not suffer from this and know someone who does, you are encouraged to try and limit your use of curse words, or use the different versions. Instead of bi*** use bish for example. This will help them have the clear minds to try and overcome their phobia.

If you suffer from this, hopes and prayers go out to you to get over your phobia.

The feeling is often described as:

The sufferer's brain being choked, having an extreme headache, their stomach aching terribly, brain twisting or hard glue cemented on the frontal lobe and creating extreme distress, or the word that was only said once being repeated in their heads, in a way it would not stop.

In perspective:

Being shot with a paintball over and over and the shock spreading over the brain, or the mind being frozen and hurting for no explainable reason.

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