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Grandophobia (from Latin grando, meaning "hail") is the fear of hail. Grandophobia is usually suffered by young children. One of the common causes of grandophobia is getting injured by hail. Grandophobia is closely linked with ombrophobia as rain may lead to hail. Sufferers may feel afraid that solid lumps falling from the sky can cause the house to collapse, while some may even believe that hail the size of boulders could fall, which never happen. They would hide underneath the furniture all the time, like under the bed or a table, especially when it is storming outside. People suffering from grandophobia may dread when leaving home. Symptoms of grandophobia include rapid breathing, rapid heartbeat, nausea, shaking, and feeling being trapped. It is often treated using relaxation techniques, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and medications.

Adults may suffer grandophobia as well, mainly because they worry that the car parked outside may get damaged by hail.

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