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Frigoriphobia (from Latin frigori, cold weather) is the fear of cold weather. It is the branch of frigophobia, fear of cold. The most common trigger of fear is unpleasant feeling of cold outdoor air, especially when out in the cold for a while, such as waiting for school bus in the cold. Frigoriphobes would not like to go outside when it's cold, they would try stay indoors at all times. Sufferers would ride them to school or have the bus stop in front of the house. When it's cold outside, they would often wear sweater. Sufferers would obviously hate winter. Frigoriphobes would like to live in warmer places, like in the tropics, and would get extremely anxious when winter season begins, or when they have to go outside during cold weather.

Symptoms of frigoriphobia include trembling, heart palpations, shortness of breath, sweating, obsessive thoughts, and hot or cold flashes. Treatment options include cognitive-behavioral therapy and psychotherapy. Moving to a warmer climate may also help the person suffering this phobia.

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