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Dendrophobia is the fear of trees.

Dendrophobia is the fear of trees. It comes from the Greek word dendro meaning "trees", and phobos, "fear". It is usually triggered from a traumatic childhood experiences, like getting poked by low or fallen branch or a tree falling onto them.

Hylophobia, xylophobia, or ylophobia are fears of wood or forests, and nyctohylophobia is the fear of forests at night. These fears came from traumatic experiences in the forests, like getting attacked by a creature hiding in the trees. Not always do they come from experience with trees, but sometimes from books, stories, and/or movies, such as me, (the one who edited this in) who is afraid of oak trees because of "Dog Man: Fetch-22". bruh


Phobias such as dendrophobia or hylophobia are usually treated by putting the patient in therapy and making them recall the incident in question, and making them see it from an adult perspective. This is often a hard task, as the original incident will have been forgotten, and hypnosis or anti-anxiety medicine may have to be used.

In popular culture

  • In the BBC T.V. show New Tricks, one character, Gerry Standing, admits to suffering from hylophobia on Series 2 Episode 8.
  • In the The Simpsons Episode 21 of Season 20, "Coming to Homerica", Lisa mistakenly says it is the fear of xylophones.
  • In "Uncle Grandpa", Hot Dog Person stated that he was afraid of trees but when he climbed a telephone post which he thought of as a tree, he conquered his fear.