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Cyberphobia, also known as logizomechanophobia, is the fear of or aversion to computers or new technologies. It is sometimes considered a branch of mediaphobia, since computers are often used for assessing the media, as well as a branch of technophobia, since computers are technological marvels.

There are different ways in which someone may experience cyberphobia. Some cyberphobes feel that they are not competent enough to use a computer and fear that this will make their life difficult. Others worry that their job will inevitably be taken by a computer. Still others fear that computers are recording their data and using it for nefarious purposes. A few may even believe that computers are sentient and may become evil.

Cyberphobia is sometimes caused by negative experiences with computers, such as being hacked or making a mistake that caused the computer to malfunction.

Those who suffer from cyberphobia generally avoid using computers and other technology. When using a computer, they may have a panic attack in the middle of a task, often causing them to not finish the task or save their progress.

Cyberphobia can be treated through the gradual learning of new technologies.

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