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Chionothyellaphobia (from the Greek chionothyella, "blizzard") is the morbid fear of blizzards. It is the branch of chionophobia, fear of snow. Blizzards are badder than just snow, it also comes with heavy snowfall, high winds, and whiteout conditions. The phobia is often triggered by a painful experience involving blizzard, like gotten into an accident in whiteout conditions, when a family member or anybody they know died in a blizzard, or even hearing news about fatalities from blizzards. Sufferers would not mind light snow falling with low winds, but they would not stand blizzard conditions. Sufferers would not even go outside during those conditions, let alone not going anywhere. Sufferers would unexcusely not show up to work nor school because of the big snowstorm. Other sufferers would take cover as they're worried that rapidly accumulating snow may cause roof to cave in.

Symptoms of chionothyellaphobia include dry mouth, sweating, trembling, panic, and obsessive thoughts about the death, especially when riding through the blizzard. It can often be treated using cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, and support groups.

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