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Please use this page to discuss pages that have been labelled for deletion. 09:39, July 30, 2019 (UTC)Blah192.119.168.251 09:39, July 30, 2019 (UTC)

I think that Hiyoriphobia should not be a candidate for deletion because someone actually has this phobia and if you delete this phobia than people who have this phobia will not get to meet others who have the same phobia and feel like they're are other people in the world who have the same phobia as they have. This page could create a small community where people can relate with one another about this phobia and feel better about themselves. That is why I think the Hiyoriphobia page should not be deleted or be a candidate for deletion.

Imposterphobia - Infantile and bootless.

Imposterphobia, along with other futile and useless wiki pages based off infantile fears should be removed. Phobias should be a real fear that someone has and not one that is for fun and games. People are gonna come to this wiki right? They want to see phobias they have or to learn about. Phobia pages should have a good amount of info before being full fledged and out there. They must have a structure, something to build off of. They should also ask peers who have this phobia, and have had experiences or episodes with it. I am not asking too much nor am I needy. I just write reviews and responses that let the ship sail. This task should be duck soup, so if you could, please delete this page.

Do not delete Nojntautshajliibpuasmcdonaldlubburgershauvqhovchawsabnraudthaumobpebtusneegtxawvtebchawstausaibkojnojkentuckykibnqaijqaibthiabnojntivtawtibneegthaumkojtabtomsaibyoutubehauvibqhovchawhlaphobia pls

We do not know what this phobia is the fear of. but someone will find out. The page will be improved one day. or maybe tomorrow. If you disagree with me. that's okay. Rest assured. Bye! Thanks for reading this and not deleting Nojntautshajliibpuasmcdonaldlubburgershauvqhovchawsabnraudthaumobpebtusneegtxawvtebchawstausaibkojnojkentuckykibnqaijqaibthiabnojntivtawtibneegthaumkojtabtomsaibyoutubehauvibqhovchawhlaphobia.

A Better Name For Thomas Phobia.

How Bout E2ClassisVaporMotivumsecundumlocumPhobia?

But why Bambiphobia?

Bambiphobia is actually a good page. Just look at it.

smart phobias noo

i just literally donr want it deleted, its like a "joke phobias" category if you think abt it, and we like organizing nvm i realized there is a JOKE PHOBIAS CATEGORY ALRIEADIY IM NEW DONT COME AT ME PLAEAS