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bruhphobia is the fear of bruh there are only 20,000 confirmed cases across America there are subcategories of bruhphobia such as bruhmomentphobia, bruhgangphobia, bruhcityphobia, and nationalbruhphobia (Which bruhphobia will mutate into) all subcategory links are below

first cases of bruhphobia[]

the first case of bruhphobia was 2010in a small town Ohio when a farmer called Mathew louis (pronounced Louie) said "THE NATIONAL BRUH IS COMING BURN YOUR WHEAT FIELDS" to his neighbors, soon 250 acres of wheat were lit on fire by Mathew louis, he died in the ongoing flames it is suspected the national bruh could be a knock off of the national guard the us district of Colombia's military police.


bruh city is a house in Chile people who go in the house get bruhcityphobia the first case was 2015 when a bunch of tourist. Walked in house the ran out of the house screaming about bruh

sources and bruh Wikipediaes[]

bruhmomentphobia bruhgangphobia bruhcityphobia national bruh files are lost but the wheat is a close to exact telling we want you to make it I'm tired