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Animal phobias[]

Plant phobias[]

Micro-organism phobias[]

  • Anopheliphobia – fear of malaria (branch of micobiophobia)
  • bacillophobia – fear of bacillus (branch of microbiophobia)
  • Bacteriophobia – fear of bacteria (branch of microbiophobia)
  • Cholerophobia – fear of Vibreo cholerae (the bacteria that causes cholera) (branch of microbiophobia)
  • EbolaPhobia – fear of the Ebola Virus (branch of virophobia)
  • Microbiophobia – fear of micro-organisms (branch of pantophobia)
  • Verminophobia – fear of germs (branch of microbiophobia)
  • Virophobia – fear of viruses (not the ones on computers) (branch of microbiophobia)

Phobias of the body[]

Phobias of people[]

Phobias of personnel and kins[]

Phobias of names and specific people[]

Phobias of demographics[]

Religious Phobias[]

Phobias of places[]

Phobias of events and actions[]

Phobias of months[]

Holiday phobias[]

Specific Day phobias[]

Phobias of emotions[]

Phobias of diseases and disorders[]

Phobias of things[]

Substance phobias[]

Food and drink phobias[]

Vehicle phobias[]

Condition/quality phobias[]

Phobias of Genres[]

Movies and TV show phobias[]

Weather phobias[]

Natural disaster phobias[]

Space phobias[]

Planet phobias[]

Color phobias[]

Language phobias[]

Letters phobias[]

Word phobias[]

Punctuation mark phobias[]

Numerical phobias[]

Shape Phobias[]

Phobias of legendary beings[]

Fictional character phobias[]

  • Accumulatheolofurretophobia – fear of the Pokemon Furret
  • Aladdinphobia – fear of Aladdin (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Alanphobia – fear of Alan "The Brain" Powers from Arthur (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Anthrodosophobia – fear of any animated character shaped like the number two (Branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Arnoldphobia – fear of Arnold Perlstein (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Arthurphobia – fear of Arthur Read (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • AuracarioPhobia – fear of Lucario (branch of krofelonoshophobia and pokephobia)
  • Babybopphobia – fear of Baby Bop (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Baldiphobia –fear of Baldi (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Banjophobia – fear of banjo and kazooie (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Barbiephobia – fear of Barbie (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Barneyphobia – fear of Barney the dinosaur (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Barrophpbia – fear of Barry B Benson (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Batmanphobia – fear of Batman (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Beavisphobia – fear of Beavis (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Bigbirdphobia – fear of Big Bird (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Binksophobia – fear of Jar Jar Binks
  • Binkyphobia – fear of Binky Barnes (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • BJphobia – fear of B.J. the protoceratops (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Booberoophobia – fear of Boo Berry (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Busterphobia – fear of Buster Baxter (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Buttheadphobia – fear of Butt-Head (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Caeroukantanarticuliphobia – fear of blue Ugandan Knuckles (Branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Callouiphobia – fear of Caillou (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Candymanphobia – fear of the candyman
  • Carebearphobia – fear of Care Bears (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Carlosphobia – fear of Carlos Ramon (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • CatDogphobia – fear of CatDog (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Chargecreepophobia – fear of charged creepers (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia, cubranchiophobia and creepophobia)
  • Chewiephobia – fear of Chewbacca
  • Cibolaliophobia– fear of talking food (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Cinderellaphobia – fear of Cinderella (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Colephobia – fear of Cole from ninjago (branchofkyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Couragephobia – fear of Courage the Cowardly Dog (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Creepophobia – fear of Creepers (branch of kyrogelonoshophobia)
  • Cubrancharachnophobia – fear of Minecraft spiders (Branch of kyrofelonoshophobia, cubranchiophobias, and arachnophobia)
  • Cupheadphobia – fear of Cuphead (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Dannyphobia – fear of Danny Phantom (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Dariaphobia – fear of Daria Morgendorffer (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Davidreadphobia – fear of David Read from Arthur (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Diddykongphobia – fear of Diddy Kong (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Dixiekongphobia – fear of Dixie Kong (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Donaldphobia – fear of Donald Duck (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Donatellophobia – fear of Donatello (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Donkeykongphobia – fear of Donkey Kong (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Doraphobia (2) – fear of Dora the Explorer (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Dorothyphobia – fear of Dorothy Ann (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • DWphobia – fear of D.W. Read (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Elmophobia – fear of Elmo (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Evilleafyphobia – fear of Evil Leafy (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Fernwaltersphobia – fear of Fern Walters (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Francinephobia – fear of Francine Frensky (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Frankensteinphobia – fear of Frankenstein (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Frizzlephobia – fear of Ms. Frizzle (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Garfieldphobia – fear of Garfield (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Georgelundgrenphobia – fear of George Lundgren (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Goofyphobia – fear of Goofy (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Grandmathoraphobia – fear of Grandma Thora from Arthur (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Grandpadavephobia – fear of Grandpa Dave from Arthur (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Grokephobia – fear of the Groke (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Homerphobia – fear of Homer Simpson (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Ironmanphobia – fear of Iron Man (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Janereadphobia – fear of Jane Read from Arthur (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Janetperlsteinphobia – fear of Janet Perlstein (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Jennamorganphobia – fear of Jenna Morgan (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Keeshaphobia – fear of Keesha Franklin (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Kermitphobia – fear of Kermit the frog (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Kyrofelonoshophobia – fear of cartoon characters
  • Leonardophobia fear of Leonardo (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Lizphobia – fear from Liz from the Magic School Bus (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Luigiphobia – fear of Luigi (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Mariophobia – fear of Mario (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Mrpontipine'smoustachephobia - (not a character, but an accessory from show) fear of Mr Pontipine's flying moustache from In the Night Garden (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia, inthenightgardenphobia & pogonophobia)
  • Materphobia – fear of Tow Mater (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • McDonaldphobia – fear of Ronald McDonald (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia & mcdonaldsphobia)
  • McQueenphobia – fear of Lightning McQueen (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Mercutiophobia – fear of mercutio
  • Metazoidphobia – fear of the Metazoid (the Marvel monster)
  • Michelangelophobia – fear of Michelangelo (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Mickeyphobia – fear of Mickey Mouse (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Minniephobia – fear of Minnie Mouse (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Mortdecophobia – fear of Mort (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Muffyphobia – fear of Muffy Crosswire (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Mylittleponyphobia - fear of My Little Pony
  • Ninjaturtlephobia – fear of Ninja Turtles (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Objectshowphobia – fear of Object Shows (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Oggyphobia – fear of Oggy (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Pablophobia – fear of Pablo (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Paulerphobia - fear of Jake Paul (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Peppapigphobia – fear of Peppa Pig (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Phoebephobia – fear of Phoebe Terese (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Poképhobia – fear of Pokémon (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Powerpuffgirlphobia – fear of the Powerpuff Girls (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Pikaphobia – fear of Pikachu (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia & poképhobia)
  • Pinguphobia - fear of Pingu
  • Powerrangerphobia – fear of Power Rangers (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Prunelladeeganphobia – fear of Prunella Deegan (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Ralphiephobia – fear of Ralphie Tennelli (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Raphaelphobia – fear of Raphael (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Ratburnphobia – fear of Mr. Ratburn (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Riffphobia – fear of Riff the hadrosaur (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Rottenphobia – fear of Robbie Rotten (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Scoobyphobia – fear of Scooby Doo (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Sephirothphobia – fear of Sephiroth
  • Simpsonphobia – fear of the Simpsons (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Slendermanphobia – fear of Slenderman (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Smokeyphobia – fear of Smokey the Bear (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Sonicphobia – fear of Sonic the Hedgehog (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Spidermanphobia – fear of Spider-Man (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Spongebophobia – fear of Spongebob SquarePants (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Sueellenphobia – fear of Sue Ellen (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Supermanphobia – fear of Superman (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Tailsphobia – fear of Tails (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Talkingtomphobia – fear of Talking Tom (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Teletubbyphobia – fear of Teletubbies (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Timmytibblephobia – fear of Timmy Tibble (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Timothyphobia – fear of Timothy "Tim" from the Magic School Bus (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Tommytibblephobia – fear of Tommy Tibble (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Tomjerrophobia – fear of Tom and Jerry (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • UltimateAlienphobia – fear of Ben 10 (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Wandaphobia – fear of Wanda Li (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Winniephobia – fear of Winnie the Pooh (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Wonderwomanphobia – fear of Wonder Woman (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Violaswampphobia – fear of Miss Viola Swamp (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • X-menphobia – fear of X-men (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Zeldaphobia – fear of Zelda (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • NightmareElmStreetphobia – fear of Freddy Krueger (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Youtubezoirotitaafigitisphobia - fear of animated Youtube storytellers (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)

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