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Bromidrophobia, or Autodysomophobia, Bromidrosiphobia, (from the Greek word bromos, "stench", and hidros, "sweat") is the fear of body odors, a branch of osmophobia (fear of any odor). The fear is mostly triggered due to an unpleasant smell of the own bodies and by other people. Sufferers would shower at least thrice a day while putting perfume or cologne on a lot and staying away from other people.

Many sufferers would not exercise as they may risk sweating leading to unpleasant smell, while not going out, thus leading to agoraphobia or social phobias.

The most common treatment method of bromidrophobia is cognitive-behavioral therapy, which involves learning healthier ways of thinking about their own body and the scents that it emits. Relaxation techniques are used to manage the anxiety. Systematic desensitization is about using instructions to tolerate their own scent.

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