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Aviophobia, aviatophobia, or pteromerhanophobia, is the fear of flying or being on an airplane and other flying vehicles. Also known as pteromerhanophobia, this fear is commonly triggered by learning on the news or history about airplane crashes that kill everyone aboard, including terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Other triggers for aviophobia include other phobias like acrophobia (fear of heights as airplanes fly high up), agoraphobia (fear of having no escape as being on an airplane can pose danger), claustrophobia (fear of being in small space like an airplane cabin) Or aplainphobia (the fear of engines catching fire). Aviophobia is very common, affecting up to a quarter of all people. People suffering aviophobia would not go on a flyplane, meaning they would not travel for thousands of miles unless if they do it by road vehicle, unless if the aviophobe is also suffering from ochophobia.

Methods of treating aviophobia include systematic desensitization, cognitive-behavior therapy, virtual therapy, hypnotherapy and medications, as well as taking aviation education.

How many people are affected?

Between 10% and 40% of Americans have Aviophobia to some extent. Most people with the phobia get slightly worried and uncomfortable while flying.