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Athlemaphobia or athlematophobia (from áthlēma, Greek for "sport") is the fear of sports. Since sports are games, athlemophobia is considered a branch of ludophobia. People suffering this fear would avoid participating in sports. This fear is fairly common and the most common trigger for this is the high likeliness of getting injured while playing sports. People who have a fear/hatred of losing could also lead to the fear of sports.

Some fear sufferers may not fear every sport. Contact sports like wrestling, boxing and AFL are especially fearful as wrestling is about grappling, boxing is about fighting, and football is about collisions and tackling. It can also include being scared of the ball and knowing it will hurt if it hits you.

This fear may not be limited to just playing sports. Some sufferers may not watch sports as well, because they may be afraid to watch players getting injured, especially gruesome.

Some athlemaphobes may still play some non-aggressive or simple sports, like golf or tennis.

For school children who is athlemaphobic, many would avoid going to gym, but he/she may cry in panic when force them to.