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Astrophobia is the fear of celestial objects or others surrounding it. Depending on the person, this phobia is linked to the fear of dark (nyctophobia), fear of aliens (alienophobia), or fear of space exploration (spacephobia).


  • Astrophobia: fear of outer space
  • Heliophobia: fear of the sun
  • Selenophobia: fear of the moon
  • Siderophobia: fear of stars
  • Cometophobia: fear of comets
  • Meteorophobia: fear of meteors
  • Cosmophobia: fear of the cosmos
  • Outer Space.jpg
    Kosmikophobia: fear of cosmic phenomenon


This phobia is commonly caused by watching films about space or aliens, causing fear about the possibility of events portrayed in movies to happen in real life, such as alien invasion. Another cause of phobia is seeing celestial objects that could potentially bring disaster to Earth. Comets can cause fears for those who believe that comets were signs of an impending doomsday.


Astrophobia is a specific phobia, which means those sufferers would have symptoms similar to other such phobias, including breathlessness, dizziness, shakiness, sweating, irregular heartbeat, or nausea. Some suffers may get obsessed about UFO conspiracy theories, or they cannot watch shows about space or aliens.

Some sufferers of meteorophobia have a safe room in the home to use as a bedroom to protect them from meteorite strikes.


Astrophobia can be treated in the same way as other specific phobias. This is treated by forgetting about bad experiences that caused fear, and doing step by step process to avoid panic. Other common treatment methods of astrophobia are cognitive-behavioral therapy and medication, as with other specific phobias.

In most cases, astrophobia does not required to be treated as far as not planning to go into outer space, watch sci-fi movies, celebrate Halloween, and going to space museums and observatories.

In popular culture

Astrophobia is commonly portrayed in horror and science fiction books and films. In Halloween Horror Nights 2008, a man suffering from both astrophobia and placophobia believes that certain tombstones signal an impending catastrophe coming from the stars.

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