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Anthropophobia (from Greek anthropos, "man") is the fear of people or the society. It is a common problem for people in China and Japan since some people in both countries tend to be introverted and keep away from society. Anthropophobia is believed to be caused by an excessive shyness and timidity towards people. Anthropophobic people frequently worry about what other people may think of them whenever they act and talk. Andropophobia may be caused by certain traumatic experience with people in the past, like getting hurt by them or even witnessing others killing the other. This phobia prevents people from having a normal life and creates stressful atmosphere for the sufferer anytime, anywhere.

Anthropophobia would feel extremely nervous to be in the crowd, resulting in symptoms like shivering, shortness of breath, numbness, panic, nauseas, and wanting to run away from people. Anthropophobic people are hard to interact with other people, make a phone call, or introduce themselves in front of people, let alone start a relationship. When anthropophobe communicates with other people in the public, s/he may worry intensely and feeling anxious.

Andropophobia can be cured through cognitive-behavioral therapy, talk therapy, support groups, relaxation therapy, and medication (recommended to be the last method since it only suppresses symptoms while causing unintended side effects).