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Anemophobia (from Greek anemo, "air" or "wind"), also known as ancraophobia, is the extreme fear of wind or drafts. This phobia is most commonly the result of psychological trauma caused by negative experience with winds in the afflicted person's past, such as things breaking aided by wind, feeling the wind unpleasantly or even annoyance of hearing sound of wind. The experience may be remembered, or it may be "imprinted" on the subconscious mind of the traumatized person. Anemophobes tend to be frightened by changes in the weather, such as oncoming storms. They are likely to believe that the wind has the potential to kill or destroy, not to mention tornadoes and hurricanes. Additionally, they avoid things that remind them of wind, like ocean waves.

Physical symptoms of anemophobia include dry mouth, tremors, tightening in the chest, rapid breathing, sweating of the palms, nausea and irregular heart beat. Psychological symptoms include obsessive thought, difficulty in thinking about things other than fear, feeling like being detached from oneself, fear of losing control, and fear of fainting.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is used to make patients forget about the fear triggers. Some therapy sessions such as exposure therapy involve sufferers to stand in front of a fan or going outside with light winds then working the way up. Energy psychology uses yoga to shift the brain's electro-chemistry to make the patient change what they are thinking. With the use of hypnotherapy, the subconscious mind of a person can be reached, potentially eliminating those fears.

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