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Androphobia (from Greek andras, "man"), also known as masculophobia (from Latin masculus, "man", "male") is the fear of men. It is commonly due to traumatic experiences involving men, like witnessing men being violent. Androphobia is also influenced from brain chemistry, heredity, and genetics.

When encountering men, androphobic people will be jittery, sweaty, and numb, while worrying about the worst thing that will happen to them when they get close to men. In the more severe cases, androphobic people may feel panic, become queasy, have a short breath, and feel fainted. These symptoms may dictate androphobic people’s life, create depression, and cause them losing their self-esteem. Yet, most people with androphobic symptoms keep silent about their phobia since they cannot bear the embarrassment of sharing the problem.

Several methods can be used to overcome androphobia such as exposure therapy, talk therapy, relaxation therapy, support groups, or medications.