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Aestophobia (from Latin aestos, hot weather) is the fear of hot weather. It is the branch of thermophobia, fear of heat. The most common trigger of fear is unpleasant feeling of hot outdoor air, but another common fear is hearing people dying from heat through media. They would not like to go outside when it's hot, they would try stay indoors at all times while having air conditioning on. Sufferers would not work or play outside when it's hot and they would not go out during the day. More severe sufferers of aestophobia would worry that hot weather may melt everything, including cars, buildings, and even the ground. Yes, heat can melt things, but only of a required amount that varies with different material. Aestophobes would hate summer the most, even though summer is the most common favorite season for people who are not aestophobic.

Sufferers are also worried that lots of children and pets die in the hot cars every summer.

Symptoms of aestophobia include trembling, heart palpations, breathlessness, dry mouth, sweating, obsessive thoughts, and hot or cold flashes. It can be treated using cognitive-behavioral therapy and talk therapy. During talk therapy, severe sufferers can be told that heat from the weather is not nearly enough to melt many everyday things.

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