Ablutophobia (from Latin ablutere, "to wash off") is the fear of bathing, washing, and cleaning. It is a rare but serious phobia that is more prevalent in women and children. People suffering this phobia would avoid things they fear, like children avoid taking baths, people taking showers, clean the house, and wash things, potentially leading to being in a insanitary environment and thus more prone to diseases and illnesses. There are traumatic causes of ablutophobia, like being scared of constant splashes in bath or even seeing the movie Psycho.

Ablutophobes often experience breathlessness, dizziness, heart palpitations, nausea, dry mouth, excessive sweating, shaking, feeling sick, and becoming mad or losing control. Other symptoms may include an inability to think or speak clearly, feeling indifferent from reality, fear of dying or episodes of full blown anxiety when they think about bathing, washing or cleaning. Sufferers may often feel terrified and worried. These symptoms may also lead to other severe consequences if the person suffers from it often.

There are numerous treatments available for ablutophobia, including self-help, Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP) which is also a technique that is proven to be effective in treating phobias related to bathing, washing and cleaning. For severe sufferers, medications and hypnosis are more helpful.

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